Where do I start?

To participate in our Beta, head to our signup page and click Take me to the survey! Once you've completed the survey, you'll receive an invitation with instructions on how to make an account with BedPost. Once you've logged in we have a tutorial to walk you through using our features. If you ever get confused on a page, look for the question mark button in the top right of the screen. Pressing it will allow you to take the tour of that page again.

How can I save BedPost as an icon on my phone's home screen?

We recommend doing this for easy access to the web version of the app until we have one you can download.


Easiest: Add Using Safari
  1. Open www.bedpost.me from Safari
  2. Click the Share icon, the middle button in the bottom of your browser window
  3. Click Add to Home Screen. It should be the fifth item in the list.
  4. Edit the icon name (if you want) and click Add
Alternative: Add a new Shortcut

On your iPhone, you also have the option to create a custom shortcut, which can be set as an icon on your home screen and can take a specific action, including opening a URL in your browser of choice. If you prefer not to use Safari, this option allows you to open BedPost in whichever browser you like.

  1. Navigate to your Shortcuts app (use the search bar to find it)
  2. Click Create Shortcut then click Add Action
  3. Search for your preferred browser and click the option Open URLs in ___
  4. The shortcut will have a default url. Click it to change it to https://www.bedpost.me
  5. Click the options button (three dots in a circle in the top right of the screen) to open the action details.
  6. Click Add to Home Screen. You will be able to change the shortcut text under Home Screen Name and Icon (you can change the image too, if you want, by clicking it). Then click Add in the top right


  1. Open www.bedpost.me in your preferred browser
  2. Click the menu icon in the top right of the screen and then Add to Home Screen
  3. Edit your shortcut name if you want


I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

No worries! You can reset your password right here. Give us your email address and we'll send a reset link. You can also always find a link to password reset on our login page.

How do I change my password if I know my current one?

We recommend periodically updating passwords for optimal security. You can change your password any time when you're logged in by opening the navigation menu and clicking on Edit Profile. Just scroll down to the section marked Security, enter your Current password, then enter and confirm your New password and click Save.

Something isn’t working right! How do I report a bug?

If something went wrong while you were using BedPost, we really appreciate you letting us know. You can tell us about it using our bug report form. If you're inside the app, you can also open the side navigation menu and click Report a Bug at the bottom. We’ll ask you for a little more info (like what you were doing and what you were expecting to see) and you can also add screenshots or recordings so we can better understand exactly how to fix it.

BedPost Basics

How does transmission likelihood calculation work?

The short version:

We start by casting the widest net possible, assuming all STIs are present to be transmitted. Then we narrow it by considering the relationship data you provided and the details you entered about the interactions.

The long version:

Research at the level of specificity we're aiming for is pretty thin, which is why bedpost is not meant to be a replacement for talking to a medical provider, but we use any existing data we could find on the chance that each contact you have in an encounter could allow what's in your partner's system to get into yours. Then we use what you told us about your relationship to lower the likelihood that your partner has an STI that they or you don't know about. Lastly, we look at whether you used barriers and where fluids went over the course of your interaction, because avoiding fluid exchange can majorly reduce your chances of transmission of most STIs. This all comes together to give us the rough estimate we show you.

My partner and I both use BedPost. Why are we getting different results for the same sex?

Transmission likelihood calculation involves two elements - The scores you’ve provided for your partnership, and the chances associated with the happenings you track in your encounter (the sex!) So, there are several ways this could happen. You and your partner may have applied different scores to the partnership when entering it in BedPost. Or, more likely, some of the sex you are having involves different likelihood for the giver and receiver. So, even though y’all had the exact same sex, and tracked it identically, the outcomes could vary!

What does this testing timeline mean?

If you get tested immediately after an encounter that concerns you, you're likely to get a false negative. When we present you with a testing timeline, we’re providing you with the soonest dates that a test would be valid, based on the incubation time of different infections. If we calculate that these tests can all wait until your regularly scheduled test (Medical Providers suggest sexually active people get tested every 3-6 months), we’ll let you know.

What can I track with BedPost?

BedPost allows you to track both your sexual partners and the encounters (sex!) you have with them. You can also revisit your encounters to track the risk associated with them. Currently, we can only track sex between two people, but we’re working on it.

Why do you care about my pronouns and what I call my parts?

Being body and sexuality inclusive is at the core of our mission at BedPost. When you’re tracking your sex we want it to feel as relaxed as possible (we know that sure helps us remember what happened!) and knowing what pronouns to use for you, and what feels natural to call parts of your body, as well as your partners, helps us make that experience a little bit more natural. You’re playing sexy MadLibs, shouldn’t you be able to do it with the right pronouns?

What can my partners see if I give them my BedPost user ID?

We will never share your encounters, partnership scoring, or other partnerships with anyone. The only thing that connecting a partnership to your profile will give your partners access to is your name, your pronouns, and your body language preferences. We do this to give you control over how you get talked about even when you're not there. Maybe you haven't discussed these specifics with everyone in your life, or maybe you want to change them and have that change be reflected in the way your partners talk about the sex they have with you.

Talk to Us

Where can I find you on the internet?

We’d love to get social with you, too! Come follow us on Instagram at @bedpost.app for more updates, posts, and fun content.

I really want you to implement my idea in BedPost! How do I request a feature?

If there's something else you wish you could do on BedPost, or you'd like more options around what is available today, the BedPost team really wants to hear from you! You can go to our feature request form and tell us all about it. If you're using the app and suddenly have a stroke of brilliance, you can open the side navigation and you'll see a link to Request a Feature at the bottom of the menu.

This FAQ didn’t answer my question, or I have other things to say to you. How do I contact BedPost?

Our inbox is always open! Email us at support@bedpost.me. We'd love to know what's on your mind.